Palette – Travel, Filled

This is a FILLED palette.

The paint has been squeezed into the wells up to the brim as instructed by Karlyn. We also include a print out with the paint names and where they are to help you learn their placements. We use only Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton professional paint. Each well receives approximately 7.5 ml of paint or .25 fl. oz.

The placement of color is designed by Karlyn.  Although over time Karlyn might change a paint color or placement, when you order this palette it is made for you with the specifications currently practiced by Karlyn. Click here to see Karlyn’s recommended paint layout for this palette.

We create these palettes when ordered, so there will be about a one week wait for them to be filled and fully dried before shipping. No special ordering, the palette comes as is. As is the nature of drying watercolor paints, shrinking and cracking of the paint in the wells does occur.  Especially Raw Sienna.  Please note that this is normal.

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