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Painting on Location by Karlyn Holman
Painted and filmed on location in Southwestern France. Four complete lessons, each show a different approach.
1:30 Run Time

Included in the video:

Capturing the Light: The light is constantly changing, so one of the best ways to capture this moment in time is to quickly document the shadows using color. To complete the painting, simply layer the complimentary colors over the top. This layering technique creates a wonderful glow.
Textures Torn from Buildings Worn: This lesson uses randomly collage textured paper as an under painting. When you paint over the papers, textures “just happen”. This method is especially appropriate for textured medieval buildings and landscapes.
Focus of Light: This layered technique involves creating a “focus of light” by mixing warm to cool colors wet into wet. The colors applied over the top will retain this glow from the under-painting. This is a great way to define areas of focal interest.
Wet into Wet: This demonstration begins with a traditional “capture the light” on dry paper, and then the fun begins when the entire painting is wet and the color is allowed to move around the wet surface. Forget control and enjoy watching the color flow.

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