Floral Design DVD

Balancing spontaneity with control. Select some common “ditch flowers” and make them sparkle with freshness. Carefully design your composition, then paint each petal and leaf with control. You can then freely splash in the background with spontaneity. Three separate lessons. Sunflowers: this lesson has no boundaries. This style of painting is an integration of a soft, very abstract background with a precise interpretation of your subject that ultimately gives your painting a “loose” look. The more planning and drawing, the more freedom you will have to interpret the background later. Ditch flowers: this poppies lesson has a superimposed shape to add an exciting challenge for design possibilities. Each flower is a “mini-portrait” and the background is a spontaneous and out of focus abstract painting. Petunias: this composition shows the benefits of planning ahead. The drawing is as much fun to conceive as it is to paint.

180 min. 2 disc set Intermediate-Advanced.


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