Canvas To Watercolor Kits

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Introducing our newly offered pre-stretched canvases with everything you need to make them suitable for watercolor, all in a convenient kit!

Each Kit includes:
1 Pre-Stretched Canvas
1 Jar of Cold Press Ground
1 Jar of Dorland’s Wax Medium
1 Applicator Brush

Canvases, made by Winsor Newton, are available in the kits in the following sizes:

12″x12″, 12″ x 16″, 16″ x 16″, and 16″ x 20″.

Each size is also offered in both Thin (3/4″) and Deep (1.5″) profiles (thickness).

Here’s a quick description of how Karlyn’s uses these products

I use Golden Cold Press Ground right out of the jar and really work it out nice and smooth. I can do 20 canvases out of one small jar! I do the front and then the sides. If you like a smoother surface, dip your brush in water and go over the surface with this wet brush. I use the canvases prepared for acrylic or oil painter, like our Winsor Newton canvases, or even old canvases with bad paintings on them. I use the inexpensive bristle brush I include in my kits, NOT my watercolor brushes. Now I’m ready to paint! When I am done, I put a coat of Dorland’s Wax Medium over the surface with a smooth cloth. Buff with a clean cloth if desired. Happy Painting! Love, Karlyn

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