Arches 140# Cold Press Pre-Cut to (4) 11×15

Arches Paper pre-cut  in quarters (11×15).  Ordering one (1) sheet gives you four (4) cut sheets of 11×15.

See also our whole 22×30 sheets or single 11×15 sheets for sale.

Ordering 1 sheet = 4 quartered sheets.

For shipping, the full sheet (22×30) is torn into quarters creating FOUR 11×15 sheets of watercolor paper.  

Bright White paper gives artists a brighter foundation for their water-based masterpieces. These truly white watercolor sheets allow colors to appear true, vibrant and intense. Each imported sheet is mold-made without optical brighteners or bleaches and is acid-free for longevity.   Originally 22″ x 30,” the full sheet is quartered for shipping thus creating four 11″ x 15″ sheets.

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