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Abstract Expression by Karlyn Holman
This video is a visual guide to unleash your creative spirit. As you look around your world, there is inspiration everywhere, such as reflections in glass, newspapers, fabric, even your minds-eye and your life experiences have wonderful opportunities to be interpreted as non-objective painting ideas.
Approx. 3hrs.

Included in the video:
Lesson 1: This demonstration starts with a wet-into-wet underpainting that focuses on creating a relationship with a white pattern of shapes that will unify your painting. The addition of texture-making tools and layering the color all build up to the final layers of darks. The last part of this lesson shows ideas of various ways to finish your paintings.
Lesson 2: This demonstration starts with a wet-into-wet underpainting and then builds up the design with collage paper and mixed-media. Collage invites you to play and experiment. Wet watercolor and collage are truly a winning combination for starting an abstract painting.

This video was designed to be a motivational starting point for you to build confidence and find your own personal style I tried to present as many ideas as I could that would be helpful for you to paint in your own creative path. So, give yourself some time to experiment and play and keep as spontaneous and intuitive as you can. Take risks and trust yourself. And mostly have a good time! Remember there are no mistakes in Abstract Expression, only opportunities.

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