Keeping Up with Karlyn II



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll? Can I enroll online? Having online trouble?

2. How will the class be structured?

  • Starting with July 18th, 2018, two (2) lessons will be released on the 18th of each month.
  • Members will receive a login and password to a specific website.
  • A full archive of lessons to date will be able to view on this website.
  • Downloadable material will also be on this website.
  • The skills will build lesson by lesson.
  • These lessons, tip videos, encore lessons and Karlyn’s Capers are all viewable like any video watched online. Pause, rewind and watch again and again.

3. What is included with my 24 Lesson membership?

  • 24 newly recorded lessons
  • Encore painting lessons.
  • Karlyn’s Capers
  • Instructional videos
  • Free Downloads

4. How long will I have access to this course?

  • During the time frame of your membership, you will have full access anytime, from anywhere and able to view your own pace.
  • The e-course lessons are downloadable for you to keep. Bonus lessons, capers, and encore lessons may not be available for downloading.
  • Members will have access to the course for three years after course completion for either 6 or 12 month memberships.
  • Those that sign up for the 6 month membership and want to continue will be able to purchase and continue to the full course.

5. Is this class live and do I have to watch it at a specific time?

  • No, lessons are recorded at Karlyn’s studio and will be available online for you to watch anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, on your smart phone, Ipad, tablet or your computer as that lesson is released.
  • This course is designed for convenience: no traveling required yet you are able to enjoy as you travel or have it wait for you until you have the time. Enjoy at your own pace.

6. What subjects will be covered in this online class?

Flowers, abstraction, portraits, landscapes, still life, triads of primary colors, wet-into-wet techniques; color choices, color mixing, negative painting, drawing skills, composition, collage, how to work on canvas, atmospheric perspective, layering, mixed-media, and much more.

7. I am just getting started in watercolor, is this class for me?

  • Yes! The course is completely suitable for a beginning artist, yet challenging enough for the advanced artist.
  • These lessons are presented step by step and will be easy to follow.
  • Kits are also available for purchase that will include a lesson sheet, reference and line drawing to assist those that desire it.

8. Why should I take this class? I have her books and have already studied with Karlyn many times?

  • The biggest reason is to instill enthusiasm and renewed energy to keep painting and growing throughout the year. Get to meet some of my artist friends and travel with me on my art adventures.
  • The biggest reason to take this online course is because Karlyn is sharing drawing skills and other tips that she usually does not have time to teach in a regular class.
  • Also, she is sharing many topics such as perspective, color mixing, tool applications, framing tips, and more.
  • Many of these lessons are not in any of her books or DVD’s. Lessons previously covered have been reinvented in a new light.
  • Unlike a workshop, you can pause, stop and watch these lessons at your own pace.
  • Meet new Artists! Karlun introduces you to four (4) professional artists as they teach their style and approach.

9. Is this class like taking one of Karlyn’s workshops?

• The most obvious difference is that Karlyn is not physically with you. The trade off is, Karlyn is able to cover more material in this Ecourse than in her workshops. These topics will cover how to draw, perspective, mixing colors, etc. And you can watch lessons anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

10. What supplies will I need?

11. What are the Kits? Are Kits available for purchase for these online lessons?

  • Yes, kits are available for purchase on our website for the lessons that require a drawing. These are sold separately and range from $4.25 to $6.25. The kits include line drawings, instructions and photo references.
  • Many of the lessons will have a kit available, as well as many of the encore lessons so you can participate in the fun.

12. I am an acrylic painter, will this course benefit me?

• The techniques are definitely for watercolor artists. However, if you paint with acrylics like its watercolor, these lessons will work for you.

13. What are the Encore lessons?

• The encore lessons are a gift of previously released lessons that are reflective of that week’s Ecourse lesson and are there to enrich your painting experience.

14. What are “Karlyn’s Capers”?

  • These are unscripted and unedited shenanigans with other artists.
  • Excerpts from International painting trips
  • Critiques
  • & more!

15. Will Karlyn be teaching on location landscape classes?

• Not specifically on location. All the techniques taught in these classes could be used on location or in the studio. You may see some on location adventures in Karlyn’s Capers.

16. What “techie” skills do I need to partake in this class?

• You do not need many technical skills. The information will be provided by a link that will be sent to your email. Easy to follow instructions will be provided for members.

• Lessons will be available on Karlyn’s website under Ecourse.

17. Do I need High-speed Internet?

• If you are currently able to watch videos online, you should be ready to view and paint! A faster speed would be to your advantage. Things will process faster.


18. Can I sell the work I create in this Ecourse?

  • Yes, you may sell the artwork.
  • However, you cannot enter the artwork in any shows.
  • We encourage you to share your paintings on social media, using #keepingupwithkarlyn

20. Can I give this Ecourse as a gift?

• Yes. Either call us at 715-373-2922 or you can order it as a gift online.

• For online purchasing, please specify (check the box) that it is a gift and we will send you a gift certificate in the mail to give yourself as a gift. Please provide information for the person receiving the gift certificate (Name, phone number and email address) for us to set up their account.

21. Are there a minimum number of months I can subscribe?

  • Yes, you have two choices; 12 lessons for $250.00 or 24 lessons for $400.00.
  • The six-month membership will give you access to the first six months of the Ecourse. It is not necessarily exactly half of the 12-month membership material.

22. Are you a teacher and would like to share these lessons with your students?

• Call us at 715-373-2922 to find out our policy and find out about supply discounts.

23. Can I get my money back if I do not like it?

• Yes. Written cancellations within 30 days will be refunded. You will no longer be able to access any of the lessons.

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