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Painting on Location with Karlyn Holman


Painted and filmed on location in Southwestern France. Four complete lessons, each show a different approach.

1:30 Run Time

Capturing the Light: The light is constantly changing, so one of the best ways to capture this moment in time is to quickly document the shadows using color. To complete the painting, simply layer the complimentary colors over the top. This layering technique creates a wonderful glow.

Textures Torn from Buildings Worn: This lesson uses randomly collage textured paper as an under painting. When you paint over the papers, textures “just happen”. This method is especially appropriate for textured medieval buildings and landscapes.

Focus of Light: This layered technique involves creating a “focus of light” by mixing warm to cool colors wet into wet. The colors applied over the top will retain this glow from the under-painting. This is a great way to define areas of focal interest.

Wet into Wet: This demonstration begins with a traditional “capture the light” on dry paper, and then the fun begins when the entire painting is wet and the color is allowed to move around the wet surface. Forget control and enjoy watching the color flow.

My Favorite Lessons


“Join me for my favorite Fun and Free lessons!” – Karlyn Holman
Approx. 90min.


The Landscape in Watercolor


A motivational three hour video with four complete watercolor demonstrations which capture the delicate and atmospheric qualities found in nature.

Approx. 3hrs.

Rocks and Reflections: Discover the expressiveness of landform without adding unnecessary detail. Find that less is more.

Snow and Reflections: Layer color over color, capture the mood of the day, portray cast shadows, and interpret reflections of the winter landscape.

Deep Woods: Be spontaneous and experimental with representing patterns of autumn foliage.

Birds and Surf: Capture the energy and excitement of breaking waves with this fun and free technique.

Floral Design by Karlyn Holman


This video has three step-by-step demonstrations that celebrate color with easy to follow techniques that will enable you to paint whatever subject you choose.

3.7 hrs. Run Time


Lesson 1: This lesson has no boundaries. This style of painting is an integration of a soft, very abstract background with a precise interpretation of your subject that ultimately gives your painting a “loose” look. The more planning and drawing, the more freedom you will have to interpret the background colors later.
Lesson 2: This Poppies lesson has a superimposed shape to add an exciting challenge for design possibilities. Each flower is a “mini-portrait” and the background is a spontaneous and out of focus abstract painting
Lesson 3: This composition shows the benefits of planning ahead. The drawing is as much fun to conceive as it is to paint.

Semi-Abstraction in Watercolor and Mixed-Media by Karlyn Holman


Somewhere between realism and pure design.

2:52:59 Run Time


Landforms: Capture the feeling of a landscape without the realism. Start with a spontaneous wet-into-wet and is finished with controlled shape making.
Flowers in a Shape: Combine Texture and collage into a recognizable flower.
Butterflies in Watercolor and Collage: Interpret color, shape, and collage into semi-abstract butterflies.

“I enjoy semi-abstraction because it combines my love of realism and my love for non-objective painting” – Karlyn Holman

Abstract Expression by Karlyn Holman


This video is a visual guide to unleash your creative spirit. As you look around your world, there is inspiration everywhere, such as reflections in glass, newspapers, fabric, even your minds-eye and your life experiences have wonderful opportunities to be interpreted as non-objective painting ideas.

Approx. 3hrs.

Included in the video:
Lesson 1: This demonstration starts with a wet-into-wet underpainting that focuses on creating a relationship with a white pattern of shapes that will unify your painting. The addition of texture-making tools and layering the color all build up to the final layers of darks. The last part of this lesson shows ideas of various ways to finish your paintings.
Lesson 2: This demonstration starts with a wet-into-wet underpainting and then builds up the design with collage paper and mixed-media. Collage invites you to play and experiment. Wet watercolor and collage are truly a winning combination for starting an abstract painting.

This video was designed to be a motivational starting point for you to build confidence and find your own personal style I tried to present as many ideas as I could that would be helpful for you to paint in your own creative path. So, give yourself some time to experiment and play and keep as spontaneous and intuitive as you can. Take risks and trust yourself. And mostly have a good time! Remember there are no mistakes in Abstract Expression, only opportunities.

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Portraits with Karlyn Holman



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