All Art Supplies – alphabetical order

  • Mats - Mounting Tape

    We have 2 types of mounting tape: Gummed (water-activated) Linen tape is used for Watercolor Originals. Peel and Stick tape is used for print or photographs.

    Price: $0.25

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  • Matte Medium - Liquitex

    By Liquitex, creates a matte, non-reflective finish. Increases translucency, adhesion and paint flow

    Price: $10.00

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  • Metallic Spray - Brass

    Metallic finishes dry quickly to a brilliant shine. Bright, durable finish

    Price: $10.62

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  • Metallic Spray Paints, 8oz

    Krylon brand premium metallic paint. Superior quality. Resembles metal plating. Smooth, lustrous finish

    Price: $5.99

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  • Micron Pen Set

    Pigma Micron ink pen is selected for fine-point technical and artistic applications.

    Price: $8.50

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  • Ogura Paper

    Sheets are approximately 15" x 21" and are used for mix media painting.

    Price: $0.00

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  • Oops! Eraser

    We love this eraser because it's good at erasing pencil lines on our paintings. A customer favorite!

    Price: $3.25

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  • Palette - Round

    It has 12 nice deep 2" wide wells that a 1 1/2" brush can fit completely into!

    Price: $30.95

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  • Palette - Round, Filled

    Each well has 7ml - 7.5ml of paint. Suggested Retail Price of materials $200.28 | Our price: $165.00

    Price: $165.00

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  • Palette - Travel

    24 paint wells, a long well for brushes and two surfaces for mixing!

    Price: $5.65

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  • Palette - Travel, Filled

    Each well receives approximately 7.5 ml of paint or .25 fl. oz

    Price: $140.00

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  • Palette Knife

    Perfect for painting tree branches or mixing up paint.

    Price: $7.95

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  • Pencil HB

    HB is a harder graphite pencil and less likely to smudge

    Price: $0.75

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  • Pencil Sharpener

    Screw on top with a flip top lid and two sizes for sharpened tip. Nice and small, 1 3/8" wide x 2 3/8" tall.

    Price: $2.05

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  • Pencil Sharpener - Vacuum Mount

    Our X-ACTO Vacuum Mount Pencil Sharpener is made from a durable, all-steel construction.

    Price: $36.50

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  • Pik-Up Eraser

    Two-inch-square, hard, rubber eraser great removing rubber cement and glue.

    Price: $2.95

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  • Pipettes

    Price: $7.30

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  • Portfolio

    Portfolios are made of foamcore 12 inches wide and 16 inches long and hinged with an approximately 2 inch gusset

    Price: $8.00

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  • Pre-stretched Canvases

    Pre-stretched canvases in two profile types and multiple different sizes. ALL Pre-stretched canvases are on sale for the month of April! Use Coupon Code: AprilCANVAS25 at checkout

    Price: $0.00

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  • Razor blades, plastic

    Great for moving paint on wet watercolor paper! 5 blades for 25 cents!

    Price: $0.50

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