All Art Supplies – alphabetical order

  • Acrylic Gesso

    DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Iridescent Gold Gesso gives artists a vibrant, lightfast and archival choice for their substrate color, giving their paintings an enhancing, luminous glow.

    Price: $32.00

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  • Acrylic Sheet

    Price: $9.00

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  • Acrylic Spray

    Krylon brand UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating. 11oz. Protects against harmful UV light rays.

    Price: $10.62

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  • Alcohol Ink Bottles - 1/2 oz

    Pinata Alcohol Ink - These inks are beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, and semi-transparent.

    Price: $3.59

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  • Alcohol Ink Exciter Pack

    Contains seven 1/2 oz colors plus a Claro extender and clean up solution.

    Price: $24.95

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  • Alcohol Ink Extender

    Used to decrease intensity of a color and increase its transparency.

    Sale: $3.59 $3.20

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  • Aqua-Flo Watercolor Brushes

    Watercolor made easy and portable!

    Price: $6.00

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  • Arches 140# Cold Press

    Price: $8.00

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  • Artist Tape

    Karlyn uses artist tape to hold her paper down while painting.

    Price: $0.25

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  • ATG Roll

    ATG is a double sided professional tape.

    Price: $7.30

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  • Banana Paper

    Sheets are 18 x 25 inches, used in mix media paintings

    Price: $3.00

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  • Brayer- Soft Rubber

    Soft rubber roller by Speedball. We use this brayer to roll out ink on a sheet of acrylic for monoprinting.

    Price: $12.99

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  • Brush- Cheap Oriental brush

    Cheap squirrel hair brush great for flinging paint

    Price: $3.60

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  • Brush- Sable/Squirrel Liner

    A fine, pure sable tip surrounded by Kazan Squirrel

    Price: $30.00

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  • Brushes - Karlyn Holman Signature Series

    High quality synthetic brushes come in all the popular sizes at a fraction of the cost

    Price: $0.00

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  • Canvas Brush Roll-up

    Karlyn loves this for travel as it rolls up small and keeps brushes dry.

    Price: $9.95

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  • Canvas To Watercolor Kits

    Kit includes: Pre-stretched canvas, Cold Press Ground, Dorlands Wax, and Applicator Brush

    Price: $0.00

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  • Caran D'Ache 15 Ct

    Caran D'Ache 15 Ct Water Soluable wax pastels.

    Price: $35.80

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  • Caran D'Ache Wax Pastels

    Ten water-soluble color wax pastels in reg. or metallic

    Price: $23.85

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  • Christmas Song of the North

    Price: $9.99

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