6x6 Stencils and Masks

6×6 Gray Plastic Stencils.

The black in the images is the cut out space/negative space. Made in the USA. These plastic stencils will last! Used by Karlyn with color sanding and watercolor washes. Great for card-making, doodling, tracing, stenciling, quilting, sponging, stippling, spritzing, chalking and more. What about cake decorating? If you’ve taken a class with Karlyn recently, you’ll know how much fun these stencils are to incorporate into your paintings.

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6x6 208s Branches

6x6 251s Mini Reversed Branches

6x6 210s Numbers Collage

6x6 248s Cubist

6x6 336s Letters Collage

6x6 357s Cell Theory

(Karlyn’s Rock Stencil)

6x6 564s Organic Matter

6x6 579s Sheet Music

6x6 202s Harlequin

6x6 201s Mini Time Travel

6x6 189s Mini Zebra Print

6x6 156s Mini Cosmic Swirl

6x6 565s Mini Organic Matter Mask

6x6 262s Mini Gear

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