6×6 Stencils and Masks

6×6 Gray Plastic Stencils.

The black in the images is the cut out space/negative space. Made in the USA. These plastic stencils will last! Used by Karlyn with color sanding and watercolor washes. Great for card-making, doodling, tracing, stenciling, quilting, sponging, stippling, spritzing, chalking and more. What about cake decorating? If you’ve taken a class with Karlyn recently, you’ll know how much fun these stencils are to incorporate into your paintings.

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6×6 208s Branches

6×6 251s Mini Reversed Branches

6×6 210s Numbers Collage

6×6 248s Cubist

6×6 336s Letters Collage

6×6 357s Cell Theory

(Karlyn’s Rock Stencil)

6×6 564s Organic Matter

6×6 579s Sheet Music

6×6 201s Mini Time Travel

6×6 189s Mini Zebra Print

6×6 156s Mini Cosmic Swirl

6×6 565s Mini Organic Matter Mask

6×6 262s Mini Gear
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