Karlyn's Recommended Supply List: For Travel

Karlyn’s Recommended Supply List: For Travel

*Items with an asterisk are available to you through our Art Supply Store.

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Travel Palette*:

Fill your palette with paint (larger than a canary defecation) and allow to dry completely before departure (this takes 1-2 weeks to dry). Place in a plastic bag before packing into suitcase. We also sell an already Filled Travel Palette* for your convenience.

Watercolor Tubes:

I only carry a few tubes of watercolor that I use a lot, like Antwerp Blue, Winsor Yellow, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Permanent Magenta and Cobalt Blue.

Recommended Colors for Palette:
Permanent Magenta*
Ultramarine Blue*
Cobalt Blue*
Antwerp Blue*
Manganese Blue*
Phthalo Green-Blue Shade*
Winsor Yellow*
Quinacridone Gold*
Raw Sienna*
Scarlet Lake*
Quinacridone Burnt Orange*
Quinacridone Coral*
Alizarin Crimson*
Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose*

I have chosen Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor Paper in a quarter sheet (11”x15”) size for my paintings. I bring enough paper to allow a sheet for each day of painting and then I also cut some paper into a long half-sheet (11” x 30”) and fold it so I have quarter sheet size paper. If I want to, I can unfold this paper and do a long image (panoramic). To carry the paper, I made a portfolio. We can sell you one for $8 + shipping or you/your local frame shop can make these from foam core and tape.

(I carry my brushes in a canvas wrap*)
You can buy all recommended brushes in a Brush Set* or see individual brushes below.
1 1/2″ Flat Wash Brush*
#14 Round*
#8 Round*
#3 Script*
1/2″ Flat*
Small Cheap Oriental Round Brush*

Screw top drinking bottle (use to drink and to paint)
Salt in a film canister
Small spray bottle (fine mister)*
HB Pencil and Factis Eraser (I will furnish an eraser)
Kleenex/Tissue or toweling
Staedtler Pen, Black* (I will furnish this pen)
4 Bulldog Clips
Small umbrella
Lightweight bag or a backpack

I now carry a lightweight chair for sitting while painting. This is an essential piece of equipment for on location. GCI Outdoor has a great chair that folds up to a small size that is very sturdy, only weighs 26 ounces, and is priced very reasonably. It is called the GCI Outdoor Pack Seat. I found it online at Cheap Joe’s or Amazon.