Painting Supplies

  • Hardboard Panel - Large

    Price: $6.40

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  • Stretched Watercolor on frame

    Price: $0.00

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  • Hardboard Panel - Small

    Karlyn uses these to paint on, light and durable!

    Price: $3.60

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  • Portfolio

    Portfolios are made of foamcore 12 inches wide and 16 inches long and hinged with an approximately 2 inch gusset

    Price: $8.00

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  • Palette Knife

    Perfect for painting tree branches or mixing up paint.

    Price: $7.95

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  • Razor blades, plastic

    Great for moving paint on wet watercolor paper! 5 blades for 25 cents!

    Price: $0.50

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  • Gold Leaf Kit

    Price: $14.00

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  • Gutta Bottle

    Half ounce squeeze bottle with stainless steel tip.

    Price: $3.00

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  • Gloves in a Bottle

    Gloves In A Bottle bonds with the dead skin cells of the outermost layer of skin to create an ‘invisible shield’ that works like an invisible pair of gloves

    Price: $4.99

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  • Fine Mister

    Use your fine mister to moisten the surface of your watercolor painting.

    Price: $2.50

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  • Gelli Tissues

    Tissues are 12x12. Box of 1000 sheets

    Price: $15.00

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  • Gelli Plate

    Monoprinting on a 8"x10" Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool!

    Price: $28.00

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  • Gauze Roll

    A roll of surgical gauze. 6 ply 4.5in x 4.1 yd stretched.

    Price: $5.50

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  • Magic Eraser

    Karlyn uses this Magic Eraser to bring white back into her watercolors, to create rays of light, and to erase paint from the paper.

    Price: $1.00

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  • Pik-Up Eraser

    Two-inch-square, hard, rubber eraser great removing rubber cement and glue.

    Price: $2.95

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  • Oops! Eraser

    We love this eraser because it's good at erasing pencil lines on our paintings. A customer favorite!

    Price: $3.25

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  • Canvas Brush Roll-up

    Karlyn loves this for travel as it rolls up small and keeps brushes dry.

    Price: $9.95

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