Brushes – Karlyn Holman Signature Series

Karlyn Holman signature series brushes are all made by the Jack Richeson Company for Karlyn. These high quality synthetic brushes come in all our popular sizes at a fraction of the retail cost to you.

1.) 1 1/2 inch wash brush. My favorite brush, this synthetic brush holds lots of water and I use this brush to wet the paper and lay out colors.
2.) 1/2 inch flat brush. This synthetic brush is used for lifting color (thirsty brush technique) and painting straight edges, such as buildings.
3.) Script brush. I use this brush all the time, especially for final details.
4.) #14 round brush. This synthetic brush has a great point used to get into any tight places, like when painting flowers.
5.) #08 round brush. Useful for detail.
6.) Small squirrel hair brush. This natural haired brush holds a lot of paint and releases the paint to create foliage. Synthetic brushes do not release the paint.