Karlyn Holman Signature Series Brush Set

Karlyn Holman Signature Series Brush Set ( 6 brushes)
Karlyn Holman signature series brushes are all made by the Jack Richeson Company for Karlyn. These high quality synthetic brushes come in all our popular sizes at a fraction of the retail cost to you.
You’ll receive a 1 1/2 inch wash brush, 1/2 inch flat brush, Script brush, #14 Round brush, #08 Round Brush, and a small squirrel hair brush.
1.) 1 1/2 inch wash brush. My favorite brush, this synthetic brush holds lots of water and I use this brush to wet the paper and lay out colors.
2.) 1/2 inch flat brush. This synthetic brush is used for lifting color (thirsty brush technique) and painting straight edges, such as buildings.
3.) Script brush. I use this brush all the time, especially for final details.
4.) #14 round brush. This synthetic brush has a great point used to get into any tight places, like when painting flowers.
5.) #08 round brush. Useful for detail.
6.) Small squirrel hair brush. This natural haired brush holds a lot of paint and releases the paint to create foliage. Synthetic brushes do not release the paint.
Please do not store your brushes in water or place on a damp surface; the paint will start to peel.