#8 Atmospheric Perspective

Art Supplies Needed:

  • Landscape Stamps
  • Tissue
  • Fine Mister
  • Triad of Primary colors (Yellow, Red, Blue)

Introduction by looking at atmospheric paintings by professional artists. We will learn atmospheric perspective, a very important concept to embrace if you like to paint landscapes. We will paint foggy layers of atmosphere and reflections in water. To add to the fun, we will also use stamps of trees. (I have four of my favorite landscape stamps packaged up for $20.00)

Each successive layer of land is a different color, starting with grated down blues, then reds and purples and close to the foreground are the yellows. These colors are necessary to illustrate the colors necessary to create atmospheric perspective. Some of the trees were accomplished by using landscape stamps.

Bonus Lesson

Atmospheric Perspective using a triad of colors and stamps

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