#5 Negative Painting of Morning Glories

Negative painting of Morning Glories. (Available in a kit for $4.25) This is a quarter sheet size.

Art Supplies Needed:

  • HB Pencil

This painting starts with a drawing using an HB pencil, (in your gift box). The paper is then wet on both sides and colors are selected that do not move in water. I used Aureolin yellow, Permanent rose and manganese blue.   . When dry, draw in more shapes and paint around your drawn foliage with a mid tone green color, I used quinacridone gold and Antwerp blue.

On a dry surface, draw in more foliage shapes and paint around these shapes with a darker value green. Make a dark green by using Quinacridone burnt orange and Antwerp blue and add positive shapes of foliage. Paint flowers by wetting half of the flower and adding quinacridone rose and French Ultramarine blue. Move the color so it reflects the shape of the flower. When dry do the other side. The entire focus of this lesson is negative painting by layering transparent watercolor.


*encore negative painting from WMM page 90-91. Add as tip on bottom and leave in lesson.

*encore WMM petunias Page 80-81. (KIT available)



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