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Our building and the business of Karlyn’s Gallery has been around since 1968, when Karlyn purchased the building from an uncle. The beginnings of this wonderful place was a working pottery studio with many potters, some who still offer their work for sale in our gallery. Rich in history, Karlyn’s Gallery went through many changes before it became the place it is today. Many people who have never been in the gallery before comment on how the lay out of space just keeps going. Often heard saying, “I never knew all this was in here!” We have two levels of retail space, the Frame Shop downstairs and the gallery in the middle which leads to the spacious classroom and art supplies. As a resource center, the Gallery provides services such as matting and framing in our Frame Shop, and we sell art supplies and offer workshops at our University of Karlyn. We’d love to have you stop in and see all that we offer! In addition to Karlyn’s gorgeous paintings adorning every wall, our gallery is home to many local artists, including: Reg Behrens “Blue Moon Pottery”, Leslie Falconer “Appleware”, Stan Samuels, Dave Ricard “Lake Superior Pottery”, Melis Pottery, Eli Wilson “Soulfire Pottery”, Nick DeVries “DeVries Pottery”, Pat Juett “From the Earth Studio”, and our in-house potter Jonathan Walburg. Each of our potters creates unique hand made designs ranging from Raku to Porcelain to Earthenware. Their works include functional kitchen items such as mugs, baking dishes, and bowls, as well as decorative items for your home and garden. Our in store stock changes seasonally and changes with the whim of our artists. Stop in to see our selections.

Karlyn’s Gallery Artists


Jonathan Walburg J Pottery – Washburn, Wisconsin. Leslie Falconer “Appleware Pottery” – Washburn, Wisconsin. Reg Behrens “Blue Moon Pottery” – Cable, Wisconsin. Dave Ricard “Lake Superior Pottery” – Washburn, Wisconsin. Stan Samuels – Herbster, Wisconsin. Eli Wilson “Soulfire Pottery” – Washburn, Wisconsin. Nick DeVries “DeVries Pottery” – Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pat Juett “From the Earth” – Washburn, WI Matt DeVries Brainerd, Minnesota Evan Hestekin “Hestekin Pottery” – Cornucopia, Wisconsin Jill Lorenz “SuCasa Design” – Washburn, Wisconsin Gregory and Terese Melis – Port Wing Wisconsin Eric Weaver – Washburn, Wisconsin Kathy Irwin kathyirwinart.com – Bayfield, Wisconsin


Mary Ross “Lake Superior Drifting” – Washburn, Wisconsin Tina FungHolder “TFH Designs” – Washburn, Wisconsin Susie Nieman “Garden Gems” – Washburn, Wisconsin Kirsten Scheid – Ashland, Wisconsin


Mike Bailey – Bayfield, Wisconsin Wayne Rundell Photography – Ashland, WI


Jennifer Deloney Sweet Pea Soapery – Marengo, Wisconsin Vicki Magaw Chequamegon Soap – Iron River, Wisconsin

Fabrics & Weaves

Jeanne Riese Jeanne Marie Designs Barnes, Wisconsin Kimberly Jones – Washburn, Wisconsin Keldi Merton Apple Hill Studio – Washburn, Wisconsin

Woodwork & Carvings

John Overby Dry Creek Carvings – Fifield, Wisconsin Dennis Day – Bayfield, Wisconsin

Postcards & Artcards

Tonja Sell Do Artworx – Oulu, Wisconsin Catherine Lange Catherine Lange Communications – Washburn, Wisconsin Aaron Folsom – Ashland, Wisconsin Petra Hollar Washburn Historical Assoc. – Washburn, WI

Books & Poetry

Warren Lang Menomonie, Wisconsin Catherine Lange Catherine Lange Communications Washburn, Wisconsin

Karlyn's Gallery

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